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Our Brokerage Firm...

PalmerHouse Properties

Our family of real estate brokerage companies are licensed in  Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.


With over 2,000 Associated Brokers and Agents, PalmerHouse Properties is the 8th largest Georgia real estate brokerage [as of 2018]. You can count on personalized service, skilled focus, and broad knowledge of local markets when you choose a PalmerHouse Agent. Most importantly, you can count on our agents to earn your trust and offer mutual respect in business relationships.



At PalmerHouse We’re Committed To:

The Highest Ethical Standards

Uncompromising honesty and integrity are the core values of our business. We will always exercise practices that meet the highest ethical and business standards. We will do what’s right by the law, our agents, and our clients.

The Improvement of Life in the Communities We Serve.

We are personally involved in civic and community affairs that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and will contribute both financial and human resources to achieve these ends.


Located at

2911 Piedmont Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

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